Van Hooft & Postema Makelaardij website

This week the new website for Van Hooft & Postema Makelaardij (real estate)  went “live”. As was the case with the other websites for Van Hooft & Postema, in this phase of the build my role was consulting and coordinating the project. The site looks good, we need to work on a couple of minor details, and then we are good for the next couple of years. Ready for the improving housing market.


Van Hooft & Postema Makelaardij

The next project is already lined up; a new webshop with a large amount of articles, to be build in new, unknown software. Let’s have it!


The road forward

First of all, my best wishes for 2016!

My New Year’s resolutions? The way forward: projects that are fun to do, or projects that make money, or projects that are fun to do and make money. No more projects that aren’t fun to do and don’t make any money.

This means that have ended or will end a couple of jobs, so that I can put more energy and focus in other projects.

So, let’s go!



While I urge my clients to on a regular basis put some news on their website, I can’t seem to do the same for my own website. And it’s November already. So here we go.

I am currently spending most of my time working on a number of continuous projects. Such as work on, and, all three of which have received a lot of new contents, images and layout updates. Also I am working as an advisor for a real estate agent whose website is getting build right now. Plus I have designed logos and housestyle for them. And I have worked or am working on a couple of smaller projects, as well as preparing some new projects.

Looking ahead I want to spend the next months on further educating myself, both in the field of web design and development. And what else will be on my path.

And suddenly it’s April

The baker sometimes eats stale bread, the garage owner often drives a crappy car, the accountant may not always have his finances in order. And so every now and then I forget about updating my website.

The previous post is from February. An actual update dates back even further. So, what has been going on lately?

A major project we started work on last Summer went live in February. For Tandtechniek van Beijsterveldt in Rijen I developed, designed and built a new website (, and reworked and updated an existing website (

Tandtechniek van Beijsterveldt

In 2013 I made a website for VHP Echtscheidingsbemiddeling, an activity of Van Hooft & Postema Holding BV. In 2014 we started discussing a redesign of their other company websites. These websites ( and went live in April. The actual build and technical aspects were done by DenK Internet Solutions. My role was supervision, design, copywriting, and consultancy. All parties involved were happy with the results, as witnessed by this article on the DenK Internet Solutions website (in Dutch – trust me, it’s a positive story).

Van Hooft & Postema

Knops Assurantiën

My work for Van Hooft & Postema is not limited to the websites. These days copywriting and editing is becoming a major part of what I do. For instance, for Van Hooft & Postema we are developing a Service subscription system.

Earlier this year I set up a new webshop called for Belgian client Stoffers Internetbedrijven. My work for this client is very diverse. Along with developing and running the webshops it’s brand and product development, product photography, advice on internet related issues, being a soundboard on various business, strategic and marketing matters, and more.

Besides these big projects we have started or finished work on several smaller projects over the last couple of months. And new projects are on the board. More about this soon.

And suddenly it’s April. I don’t know about you, but for me Spring is the best time of the year. The studio door is open, “meetings” take place on the deck outside, the sun does wonders for the good mood. Enjoy!


Web hosting + Domain registration

Although I can (and will continue to) provide web hosting and domain registration, I have decided to no longer actively promote this service. Instead I will discuss the options with the client and look for the best web hosting and domain registration partner.

Happy holidays

Christmas card Studio Tal

Keep it simple

A friend of mine has turned her hobby (handmade furniture and accessories, craft, design, etc) into a nice source of additional income. Sales currently happen by word of mouth. She was thinking of setting up a webshop, but the costs and hassle were a bit of an issue. It was still mainly a hobby.

I told her about Specifically aimed at this kind of business. No pressures, reasonably priced, and best all no hassle. And in case it is needed, I can help.

More here:

Twenty Fifteen

Last week WordPress 4.0 was released. An update without major changes, although -in their own words- “this release brings you a smoother writing and management experience we think you’ll enjoy”. For us the main changes are the improved Media Library and some improvements to the text editor. More here:

WordPress 4.1 is planned for a December release. The last update of the year always is accompanied by the new default theme. (A WordPress theme is the template that makes the website layout what it is.)

In my experience the default WordPress themes follow developments and trends in web design from a safe distance. Good to see that simplicity and focus are continued in Twenty Fifteen.

Here is a first look:

first look at wordpress theme twenty fifteen