SOLRAC new webshops

It has to come to my attention that Mr.Stoffer has resumed his business activities, using several brand names. What I think about this does not matter. In any case, Studio Tal has nothing to do with this.

We have suspended our activities for this client.

Mr.Stoffer has informed me that he has stopped trading until further notice. For all information regarding Solrac and the webshops, please go to (06/2019: no longer active).

This week two webshops built by Studio Tal for SOLRAC Handelsonderneming went live.

SOLRAC Plinten & Profielen Shop

SOLRAC Plinten & Profielen Shop

SOLRAC Trapvernieuwers Shop

SOLRAC Trapvernieuwers Shop

Tipton and Gutenberg

WordPress 4.9 – Tipton

Earlier this week WordPress 4.9 – Tipton – was released. For clients this means that websites will be updated today or tomorrow. And as always I will keep an eye out to see if updating goes without a hitch. For developers as myself, WordPress 4.9 offers a number of improvements -especially as far as layout is concerned- which will simplify the work flow.

“Tipton” is the last major release before the new generation of WordPress is rolled out. WordPress 5.0 will introduce the Gutenberg editor; a radical new approach of both the editor and the overall WordPress structure. The release is planned for 2018 (my guess is around May/June.)

WordPress 5.0 – Gutenberg

The WordPress community looks at the Gutenberg project both with interest and hope as with concern. The WordPress economy is a multi billion euro/dollar industry; from small mum&dad webstore companies to multi-nationals with complex website structures. Plus the developers, webmanagers and other operations whose income fully relies on WordPress related services. The Gutenberg project is a source of concern and there is much discussion and rejection.

I am sure everything will turn out okay. And from what I have seen so far, Gutenberg looks very promising. As for now, with version 4.9 we have made another big step forwards.

Antal Adriaanse

New website SOLRAC

We have suspended our activities for this client.

Mr.Stoffer has informed me that he has stopped trading until further notice. For all information regarding Solrac and the webshops, please go to (no longer online).

Handelsonderneming SOLRAC is a Belgian import and wholesale trading company, specialised in construction and renovation products. SOLRAC targets the business-to-business markets in Belgium and the Netherlands.

For SOLRAC I developed a logo and corporate identity, built a website and created content. Also I arranged web hosting.

The website consists of public pages and a number of pages for clients with an account. SOLRAC is a startup company; in the months to come the website will continue to grow.

Snapchat’s Snap Map & Privacy

Are you a Snapchat user, or -more important- is your child a Snapchatter, then please read this. This is about privacy and safety.

What is Snap Map?

Last week Snapchat rolled out a new feature: Snap Map. This map shows where your Snapchat-friends are. And it shows them where you are. It makes it easier for you to look each other up. And it also shows events. Good stuff, right?

Just realize that Snapchat broadcasts your location to anyone on your friends list every time you open the app. And so your friends will learn where you live, work or eat a sandwich/donut/bagle. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can switch this off by going into ‘Ghost Mode’. Yes, it is an opt-out feature.

How does it work?

With the most recent update Snap Map will become (or have become) active. You’ll see a couple of screens with info, and bam, it is activated.

Every time you open the app, your location will be broadcasted. While the app is opened your location will be updated. And your last location will remain on the Map for up to 8 hours after you have last opened the Snapchat app.

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New layout

In 2013 the first WordPress version of went live. A major step, for both Exowax Recordings (client) and myself. The original website dated from 1994, and although work on the website continued throughout the years, it was time to switch from HTML to PHP/CSS/etc. That meant a full migration of content, plus a lot of new text, additional info and new approaches of parts of the website.

When I built that WordPress site, I did not take handhelds (tablets, smartphones, etc) in account. Simply because these handhelds weren’t (as far as I was concerned) a big deal back in 2013. Yes, only four years ago…

Later, in 2014, I quickly corrected that and made the website fully responsive. Just in time, because in that same year, people suddenly had one or more handhelds, and a major shift in the use and approach of websites happened.

Anyway, last year I suggested a redesign. A new look, more current and more responsive friendly. And so yesterday the new version of went “live”. And yes, that site looks somewhat similar to this website, and a couple of others I recently released. Well, I like to work in this design.


New website De Testpiloten

De Testpiloten is a project by Edwin van Mook and Antal Adriaanse (me).

In 2011 the album “Morgen” was released. After a lengthy break we are now preparing the release of a new EP. Recording sessions have finished, mixing is in its final stages, and artwork is being prepared.

About time to replace the website -a simple HTML-page with a bio, a photo, and links to online streames and stores- with a new, modern site. Which went live this weekend. (currently in Dutch only)

Website De Testpiloten

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