New layout VHP Echtscheidingsbemiddeling

The first version of the VHP Echtscheidingsbemiddeling website dates from 2013. For us that’s just a couple of years, in internet years it is an eternity ago. Time for a new layout.

VHP Echtscheidingsbemiddeling vs 2017

Webmaster Services

Do you own a website or e-commerce store, but lack sufficient time, knowledge or manpower to keep your site or store updated? Outsourcing might well be the answer.

Outsourcing works both ways; your online presence will be up to date and will adequately represent your company, while it at the same time allows you to fully focus on running your business.

In this article you can read about the advantages of hiring me as your website manager, some of the possible services, and what my added value is.

Feel free to contact me for more information, to discuss specific wishes, or to have a look at your website or e-commerce store.

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New layout

Rule: Don’t go “live” with a new layout before it is finished.

Ah well, I did go live anyway. Trust me, practical reasons beat the self-imposed rules.

Besides visuals and layout changes, I am planning on changing the contents too here and there. So more coming soon.

For now though, the website is running smoothly, the information is available, and we can move on.

Welcome to the new website of Studio Tal.


The new website of Dutch coverband Yoe Teek Mie In De Meeling is live.

Yoe Teek Mie In De Meeling



Going live today on JARDIM Fences
My work: brand development, layout and structure of the entire range, translation from paper to online catalog, entering contents.

New in our webshop!

Under the brand nameĀ JARDIM we can offer a wide range of fences for your garden, plot or business. From barbed wire to gates, from fences to wire panels, from wash lines to wall baskets (incl.stones), you can find it all in our webshop.

Because we sell the JARDIM range exclusively through our webshop, we can offer the products at very interesting prices. Nowhere better!

Products: (in Dutch)



With the addition of Divi Builder to our toolbox, we can now build even more versatile WordPress websites, fully responsive, and easy to work with, for both client and end users. I am building a first website with Divi right now, and I will keep you posted on the development (see below).

Update 03/2017:
I have used Divi for a couple projects. Sure, lots of options, but the “easy to work with” bit is somewhat of a disappointment. For clients who don’t work with WordPress websites on a daily basis, it’s a bit of a challenge. So, for now I will decide per project whether I will use Divi, or will go for something else.

Update 11/2017:
I have decided not to renew my yearly Divi/Elegant Themes subscription.

WhatsApp Desktop App

Although access to WhatsApp via your desktop has been available for some time (WhatsApp Web), now WhatsApp has released a separate desktop app. For Windows 8 and up, and Mac OS X 10.9 and up. Few visual changes. But it is a separate app (once known as “program”…) which will (hopefully) benefit both use and safety. You still need your smartphone to be able to use WhatsApp. And now let’s hope there will be additional options for commercial use.

Download the app here.

WhatsApp Desktop App
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