Antal Adriaanse bij Spraakvermaak - foto: René Schotanus
photo: René Schotanus

After nine seasons, last month I ended my active participation in the Spraakvermaak organisation. Today I handed over final matters to my successor.

I have been actively involved with Spraakvermaak since the very early days, mostly behind the scenes and specifically involving the website, social media and layouts. Also, the initial idea for Spraakvermaak was formed in March 2006 at a performance of my band In ‘t Wild at Politiek Café Zout in Oss, for which I had taken my dad along.

I built and managed the Spraakvermaak website, later restructured to a WordPress CMS, set up and ran social media channels, developed and designed layouts and print, and in general added my ideas, enthusiasm, comments, etc. where and whenever needed.

When in 2014 internet services became part of my new business, my private time needed a different approach. After having giving it some thought last year, I realised that the time had come for me to step down. Which I now have done.

Good luck to my successor and the Spraakvermaak team. I will continue following Spraakvermaak and the activities, but now from an audience view.

Antal Adriaanse