Save Pacific View

SavePacificView.orgMy friend Scott from Encinitas, California asked me to offer technical support to the website of

The buildings and grounds of Scott’s old (no longer in use) school Pacific View in Encinitas, CA were up for auction. Save Pacific View. is a grassroots group of concerned north coastal residents who are working to keep the historical Pacific View school site in the public domain for present and future generations to enjoy. One of the means to achieve this is a website.

Phase 1

For the WordPress website the Destro theme was chosen as the template. Soon it turned out that there were some technical difficulties with what Scott had in mind (petitionform, video, custom header, etc) and so in early February he called for my help. With some adaptations and tweaking most problems were fixed relatively easy.

Save Pacific View’s efforts turned out to be a success. The auction first was postponed, later called off, and eventually the city council decided to buy the school. And so phase 1 -saving Pacific View- was a success.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is finding new use, purpose, and funding for the school site. An important part in this is the community’s input, thoughts, views and ideas.

With this in mind Scott asked me to expand the website with a forum (bbPress) and social login. The social login makes logging in simple and easy (by using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts), without opening the gates for spammers.

Implementing these additional elements turned out to be more difficult than expected. Specifically the Destro structure was causing some problems. But problems are there to be solved, and they indeed were solved.

Yesterday the auction was officially cancelled. Meanwhile the discussions -both on the site and in the Encinitas community- are in full swing.

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