Make your website Responsive

Did you know that in the Netherlands more than 8.5 million people own a smartphone? And 1 in 3 people aged 65 and older have a smartphone? That about 7 million people in the Netherlands have a tablet (which means 1 in every 2 households)?

And it is not just a Dutch thing. Of the 91 percent of US adults who own a mobile phone, roughly 60 percent have smartphones (source: Forbes / Marketingland (dead link) / Pew  Internet  June 2013.) Tablet ownership in the US doubled in a years time, from 18% to 34% (source: Pew Internet June 2013.)

Numbers may be different in other countries, but you get my point: that is a lot of people using smartphones and tablets.

And growing…

Both these numbers and the new approach to websurfing by smartphone and tablet users bring to the surface a weakness that many (especially smaller) websites have. Many websites are not or not sufficiently tailored for smartphone/tablet use.

You are visiting a town and while walking to the hotel you pass by an art gallery. You notice a piece of art that you really like. There is no info card with specifics of the artist, the exhibition or price. You take your smartphone, visit the gallery’s website and look for the information. The result of your search may or may not lead to a sale.

Second example:
You are the logistics manager in your company. You are stuck in traffic, and for quite some time you see a truck in front of you. You take your mobile phone and visit the company’s website. On the website you can see the company’s services, the team, the company info, you fill in the contact form and a new business relationship is in the works.
In both cases it is essential that the website is working properly on the smartphone. Unfortunately quite often this is not the case. Missed opportunities.

Optimizing website for all screen sizes and platforms is called Responsive Web Design. Studio Tal builds responsive websites. Most modern browsers support the technique used for this, which means that your website will have a pretty consistent layout and functionality on all platforms. Also we try to keep the “weight” of the pages down.

Adapting your already running website to a responsive mode is not a huge task. In any case it is worth looking at the possibilities. These days every missed opportunity is one too many.

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