Examples from my portfolio:

For VHP Echtscheidingsbemiddeling, a branch of Van Hooft & Postema Holding BV, I built a website in 2013 (see below). In 2014 we started discussing a redesign of their other company websites. These websites (vanhooftenpostema.nl and knopsassurantien.nl) went live in April. The actual build and technical aspects were done by DenK Internet Solutions. My role was supervision, design, copywriting, and consultancy. All parties involved were happy with the results, as witnessed by this article on the DenK Internet Solutions website (in Dutch – trust me, it’s a positive story).

My work for Van Hooft & Postema is not limited to the websites. These days copywriting and editing is becoming a major part of what I do. For instance, for Van Hooft & Postema we are developing a Service subscription system.

activities: development, design, supervision, content management, maintenance, consultancy, SEO, copy writing, copy editing
period: August 2014 – ongoing
websites: www.vanhooftenpostema.nl and www.knopsassurantien.nl

Van Hooft & Postema

Knops Assurantiën

For Stoffers Internetbedrijven I run several webshops. Also I give e-commerce advices, develop brand concepts, and act as a consultant on strategic and marketing issues.

A couple of webshops that were already running were cleaned up and updated by me. Others were freshly build. The webshops were build with ShopFactory e-commerce software.

activities: maintenance, design, consultancy, SEO, layout, strategy, marketing
period: September 2013 – January 2017
websites: plintenshop.be, traprenovatiewinkel.be, profielenshop.be, trapleuningenshop.be, hekwerkonline.be, stoffersdecorshop.be, stoffersinternetbedrijven.be




Stoffers Decorshop



Stoffers Internetbedrijven

For Tandtechniek van Beijsterveldt in Rijen I developed, designed and built a new website (ttlvanbeijsterveldt.nl), and reworked and updated an existing website (solidbite.nl). Also I coordinated corporate and product photography, brought structure to layouts, logos and corporate identity, and set up social media.

Recently (March 2017) the website was revised and updated.

activities: development, design, website builds, layout and corporate style improvement, consultancy
Period: August 2014 – February 2015 / 2014 – ongoing
websites: ttlvanbeijsterveldt.nl, solidbite.nl


For VHP Echtscheidingsbemiddeling, a branch of Van Hooft & Postema, I have developed their website, designed the logo and did consultancy work for the website contents. Also web hosting and domainregistry. This project happened in three stages: 1) Draft of initial ideas, 2) Design and 3) Building. Work was spread over a month period. However, a website like this can be developed in as little as a few days.

Recently (March 2017) the website was revised and updated.

activities: responsive web design, cms, visual design, consultancy, web hosting
Period: October 2013 – ongoing
website: www.vhpechtscheidingsbemiddeling.nl

VHP Echtscheidingsbemiddeling vs 2017

Also a recently added branch of Van Hooft & Postema is Van Hooft & Postema Makelaardij (Real Estate). I designed the logo and I coordinated the development of the website, selected and edited visuals, and edited text content.

activities: development, design, supervision, content management, maintenance, consultancy, SEO, copy writing, copy editing
period: 2015 – ongoing
website: www.vanhooftenpostemamakelaardij.nl

Van Hooft & Postema Makelaardij

Mike Keneally is a singer/multi-instrumentalist/composer from San Diego, California. He was one of the first artists with a website, built back in 1994 by his friend and manager Scott Chatfield. I developed and built a new WordPress based website for Mike, which went live on August 30 2013.In Januari 2014 the website design was updated.

activities: responsive web design, cms, visual design, consultancy, site management
period: Phase 1: May-August 2013, Phase 2: ongoing
website: www.keneally.com

Mike Keneally

My first Keneally related work dates back to 1998 when I set up the Mike Keneally Tour Chronology, archiving all of Keneally’s live performances. 15 years later it is still going strong. In tandem with the new keneally.com website a new WordPress based Chronology website went live on August 30 2013.

activities: responsive web design, cms, visual design, consultancy, sitebeheer
period: 1998 – ongoing
website: www.keneally.com/chronology

Mike Keneally Tour Chronology

Save Pacific View
SavePacificView.org is a grassroots group of concerned north coastal residents who are working to keep the historical bluffside Pacific View school site (in Leucadia, near San Diego, California) in the public domain for present and future generations to enjoy. The website itself was set up by my good friend Scott, one of the concerned residents. I help whenever he asks for help.

activities: finetuning layout, forum, login system, technical support
period: 2014-2015
website: www.savepacificview.org

Website Save Pacific View

Cidanka | Adriaanse Assemblage was my company of 25 years. The first version of the website launched in 1997. I designed the logos, layouts for all forms of communication and coordinated all ICT activities.

activities: web design, visual design, website management
period: 1997-2013
website: www.cidanka.nl (offline)

Stichting Drimmelen Connect! is an organisation that tries to bring together the people living in the six towns that form Drimmelen. For their 2015 project Vluchtweg I designed and built a simple website.

activities: design, development, consultancy
period: 2014-2015
website: www.drimmelen-connect.nl

Drimmelen Connect

Spraakvermaak is a monthly talkshow about politics, culture, sports, local communion, etc. I set up and run the website (currently running on a WordPress platform) and social media, as well as designing stationary, business cards, sponsor ads, etc. After nine seasons I stepped down in the Spring of 2016.

activities: responsive web design, cms, visual design, site management, webmater, social media, consultancy
period: 2007-2016
website: www.spraakvermaak.nl


Veers Erfgoed is the heritage foundation of Raamsdonksveer. I set up and ran the WordPress-website.

activities: web design, consultancy, site management
period: 2013-2015
website: www.veerserfgoed.nl

Veers Erfgoed

Antal Adriaanse. Over the years I have written and recorded many songs. A single and an EP called “Tegels” were released in December 2013, followed by “Gisteren” in January 2015 and “One” in September 2016. Also, at the same time a new website went live.

activities: web design, visuals, sound design, digital distribution
period: 2010 – ongoing
website: www.antaladriaanse.nl

Antal Adriaanse

De Testpiloten is a project by Edwin van Mook and Antal Adriaanse. I set up and ran the website (on the Blogger platform) and social media. I co-wrote, produced, recorded and mixed the album “Morgen”. The album was recorded in my studio. I designed the logo and artwork for the cd, coordinated the manufactory of the cd and booklet, brought the cd to digital distributors and ran the marketing campaign.

After a lengthy break we are currently working on a new EP. ETA May 2017. And with a new EP comes a new website.

activities: responsive web design, cms, visual design, site management, social media, sound design, etc.
period: 2009 – ongoing
website: www.detestpiloten.nl

Website De Testpiloten

Website De Testpiloten

Belker is a Dutch singer/songwriter. I arranged, produced, recorded and mixed his album “Made”. The majority of the recordings were done in my studio.

for more information: www.belker.nl

For more examples of my work or for more information, please go to the contact page and let me know.